Calcium Feed Supplement

(With power of natural Herbs like “Giloy and Jivanti”)


Calcium Feed Supplements are available to meet the daily demand of calcium minimum dose supplement so that the required health of cattle is being maintained. Feeding the animal with calcium feed supplements maintains the calcium in them to threshold level. Calcium liquid is fortified with power of natural Herbs like “Giloy and Jivanti”. It is also a new advance formula with the additional power of super food “Spirulina”.


  1. Improves Milk Production
  2. Removes Calcium & Phosphorous Deficiency
  3. Improves Bone Growth in Young Animal
  4. Keeps them Healthy by Removing Milk Fever in Lactating Animal
  5. Improves Appetite in Animals

Available in 1 litre & 5 litre Packing.